Could ESG/Impact Investors Better Help Solve the UK Housing Crisis?

We are seeking partners who are looking to invest, at scale, into new healthy energy efficient homes in the UK PRS (private rental sector).

'Freedom to Live' is a new investment and management platform which offers a unique way for tenants to transition into home ownership. We provide investors with solid yields and cashflow. We report on social, environmental and health impacts to support ESG targets and reporting.

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We will facilitate new homes that must be energy efficient, healthy and monitored as such.

Homes monitored for air quality in order to promote health and wellbeing in homes that tenants feel and treat as their own because they have a pathway to ownership that mutually benefits portfolio landlords and their residents.

We are introducing the HLPS 'Freedom to Live' rent to ownership model to address the key issue of raising a deposit whilst paying rent and trying to save whilst property prices run away.

By providing PRS investors with an attractive return on investment and cashflow too. HLPS will ensure ESG investors demonstrate measurable social, environmental, financial and health impacts.

Steps 1,2 and 3 of the process explained under 4-residents page
Graphic showing benefits to residents and investors. For residents no deposits, no chance of negative equity fast process and flexible. For investors there is rental yield and cashflow. It is tax efficient for residents and investors and both have live update market valuations provided.