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ESG/Impact Investors Are Helping Solve the Housing Crisis

HLPS.ME  is our peer to peer  residential property investment and management platform;  designed to help institutional investors provide  smart, healthy, energy efficient homes at scale for their residents.

We are introducing a brand new way for tenants to transition into home ownership. Plus giving our ESG investors their measures of social, environmental and more importantly, health impacts.

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Let's provide homes that are not just energy efficient but also homes that are comfortable and promote better health.

Energy efficient homes are important to reduce fuel poverty and improve financial well being, but comfortable homes go further in promoting better health.

We are introducing the HLPS.ME rent to ownership model to address the key issue of raising a deposit whilst paying rent and trying to save whilst property prices run away.

By providing institutions with an attractive return on investment and cashflow too, HLPS.ME will ensure ESG investors demonstrate measurable social, environmental, financial and health impacts. HLPS.ME will be the simplest and least risky way to get onto the housing ladder for residents who will be incentivised to look after their homes whilst introducing process efficiencies for the investors.

Steps 1,2 and 3 of the process explained under 4-residents page
Graphic showing benefits to residents and investors. For residents no deposits, no chance of negative equity fast process and flexible. For investors there is rental yield and cashflow. It is tax efficient for residents and investors and both have live update market valuations provided.