'Freedom to Live'- PRS Investment. So how can asset managers improve performance within a rent to ownership model? Sounds like alchemy?

Rent to Own: When looking at risk adjusted performance and taking into account the efficiency and attributes of the HLPS investment model, we are able to demonstrate something really unique: improved returns v standard PRS investment models, while assisting renters to build asset wealth.

'Freedom to Live' Delivers environmental and social impact and can report live, the data needed to support ESG and other regulatory reporting standards

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ESG - Providing Homes Not Houses.

Homes monitored for energy efficiency and air quality in order to provide not just an opportunity to get on the housing ladder, but also to support good health and wellbeing. Homes in great environments to live with great access to transport links and community amenities.
Together with our industry leading property services partners, we are able to provide homes that are affordable, of a high energy efficiency standard and comfortable to live in. 'Freedom to Live' ensures every resident feels at home and not just a tenant.