"...For the times they are a changin'" Uncategorized In 1982 When I were a lad, I left City College in Plymouth with a couple of A levels in my bag. I couldn't decide whether or not to be an actor (being an ex-National Youth Theatre of Great Britain Continue Reading Homes Cost Lives - It's Time to Change! News 2022 was a year of turmoil for sure but also a year in which housing in the UK was being highlighted for all the wrong reasons. We had to suffer the terrible news of young Awaab Ishak's death due to Continue Reading Curry takeaway picture of Indian meals in tin trays Your Home Delivery Madam? Uncategorized Can’t we make buying into a home as easy as ordering a curry? Wouldn’t that help solve the Housing Crisis? How do we help solve the current supply shortage, and rescue the hundreds of thousands of willing buyers who are Continue Reading A grumpy looking character of a landlord Making Investment Homes Smarter Cleaner & Greener? Does it Make Sense? Investors Landlords have quite a bad reputation across the board for providing poor quality homes. The mass population are made well aware of this especially when considering recent national TV programs such as Matt Allwiright's Britain's Housing Scandal. It comes as no Continue Reading JOIN: #TheGreenerCrowd? What is it all about? Investors, Residents There has to a better way to connect investors in residential homes to residents. There has to be a better way for millions of people to acquire and move into smarter energy efficient homes. There has to be a better Continue Reading