JOIN: #TheGreenerCrowd? What is it all about?

There has to a better way to connect investors in residential homes to residents. There has to be a better way for millions of people to acquire and move into smarter energy efficient homes. There has to be a better way for residents to reduce energy costs and fight fuel poverty… AND there has to be a Company that can work with investors and residents in equal measure. That Company is us: Health Life Prosperity Shared Ltd (HLPS).

SO, whilst we are working hard on a new state of the art technology platform we wanted to raise awareness of the issues faced by all of us in the housing sectors.

JOIN: #TheGreenerCrowd and let’s get investors matched with residents and work together. It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation:

A WIN for investors
A WIN for residents
A WIN for climate change

As we develop our match making platform that will match investors to residents, we will only allow new homes to energy performance certificates EPC A/B or existing properties at EPC C or higher to join #TheGreenerCrowd!

The problem with EPC is that it is a bit of a nightmare and extremely confusing. So at HLPS we are also working on this too; recognising there are huge supplier issues in the retrofit market place coupled with a void in consumer knowledge.

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