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Making Investment Homes Smarter Cleaner & Greener? Does it Make Sense?

Landlords have quite a bad reputation across the board for providing poor quality homes. The mass population are made well aware of this especially when considering recent national TV programs such as Matt Allwiright’s Britain’s Housing Scandal.

It comes as no surprise when we see the 8% increase in a rush for Buy to Let homes since around the financial crash of 2008 whilst home ownership dropped overall 6%. The statistics contained in the report below outline, in effect, why the USA Sub-prime market directly impacted the UK housing sector despite relatively low rates of mortgage defaults in UK. Click on the report below it truly is an eye opener!

Resentful Renters -How Britain’s housing market went wrong, and what we can do to fix it– BY GRAHAM EDWARDS for Centre for Policy Studies

This is not about knocking landlords but as landlords and agencies strive to set themselves apart from the minority we want to support this effort by adding a dimension to the process: Smarter, greener, cleaner homes that better serve residents whether they are buying or renting (and hopefully soon able to rent to buy!)

We all know that social housing is on the rise in terms of retrofit and I see Inside Housing in a published report estimated that to hit Net Zero will cost £104 billion. But what about the private landlords? How can they get their returns when having to spend copious amounts of money on EPC upgrades? Well soon I suspect Uncle Boris and Co will force them to even higher standards and regulate lettings further. EPC data is open data and there will be no hiding place for landlords.

At HLPS we are not only developing new efficient ways to manage properties but also new ways to manage the finance that rests around them, plus building the skills needed to properly analyse the EPC conundrum by deploying state of the art products and services to raise standards.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss ideas and better ways for investors to maximise benefit and returns whilst providing similar benefits and returns for residents.

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